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Our Quotes
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I am in desperate need of new quotes! If you have any cewl ones, let me know, ok? Thanks!

1) "A raisin just bounced off my foot."
*~Shelli Martin

2) "That oughta be against the law."
*~Russell Owen

3) "Call me, man."
*~Kezia Wingate

4) "We're not vain, just very conceited!"
*~Charles Watkins (actually said by Amy, but he stole it :v)

5) "7 is my favorite number. It has such intriguing undertones that noone, not even Al Gore, the man who invented the internet could comprehend the vastness, the fortitude of such a numeral. Actually, Al Gore is an idiot and a liar just like Bill and Hillary. She actually said that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary the explorer even though he hadn't even done anything to be known by until she was 6. That's amazing that she was named after someguy who noone knew. Oh my bad. This is about numbers. oops"
*~Josh Nordstrom

6) "My goals in life? 1 wife, 2 houses on the river, 3 kids, and 4 Lamborghinis."
*~John Martin

7) "I don't let people POP into my mind.. I invite them!"
*~Courtney Williams

8) "Cow. It's what's for dinner."
*~Chet Zema

9) "Kute is someone that is .....kute .... I mean they are not ugly they are kute. For a girl it means not real pretty for a guy it means "WOW" ... :)"
*~Kezia Wingate

10) "If you're feeling a little dazed and confused by the time you finish reading all my chatter, don't worry about it, I have a tendency to confuse people."
*~Shelli Martin

11) "NBA baby, wassuuup?"
.. "I hate it when people say 'baby'."
*~Amy Parker (inside deal..:)

12) "I just want you to know that I'm enjoying myself immensely right now. I wish you a long and fruity life also."
*~Emily Martin

13) "I love his voice! I'll just tell him to sing to me with a bag over his head."
*~Kezia Wingate

14) "May your life be like toilet paper.. long and useful."
*~Courtney Williams

15) "I'm sorry, but he looks like a gerbil."
*~Courtney Williams

16) "I'm baaing like a lost cantaloupe.."
*~Chet Zema

17) "Listen! I may be dumb but I'm NOT stupid."
*~Ben Hanger

18) "Weird is good, OK? Weird is good!!"
*~Amy Parker

19) "I kill 'em with a chainsaw!" (speaking of fire ants)
*~Anonymous (but everyone in da NSB knows who it is! :c)

20) "Sometimes you just get a tickle in your soul."

21) "Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof woof woof!
Arf!! Yip..?"
*~Sophia, Kezia, and Amy..

22) "We're proud to be humble."
*~John Harris

23) "If I was bigger, I would rebuke you!"
*~Jeremy Royster

24) "Have fun, be cool, and drink Pepsi. And always be nice to roaches."
*~Joseph Ary